Never wants to grow up, so I won't.

Apr 15 2014

In bangkok. Been here for 4 hours. Met cool new tour group. Lots of english people.
Super tired.
Sorry for the lame update.

Apr 13 2014

Waking up at 3:10 am.
Going to bed at 11pm.
4 hours sleep.
Sorry future claire!



do you remember that time hilary duff was afraid to sing onstage but then hilary duff helped her and so then hilary duff sang a duet with hilary duff and dreams were made???



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oh my goodness

these are the most beautiful harry potter fan arts i’ve ever seen

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You somone misses you when they scroll through 21 weeks of your instagram feed, just to like a photo of the two of you



Manipulation and emotional manipulation i think is something we all learn how to do over time in a way that works best for us.
I am guilty of this.
One theory is that my friendships are so genuine and significant that can affect things.
But this is a conversation for another day…


I wonder if you can become a reflection of yourself?
I do things that are #classicclaire. Do i do them because thats me or because its expected of me?
Eg in a discussion about temperature at work “i work in a furnace”
Eg drinks 2 glasses of champagne i dojt even like “now is the time to ask me questions you want to know the answer to”
And im sure there are other examples.


Seeing people i havent seen in a while always gets me excited like you dont even understand :D
Tonight got to see a friend i havent seen in more than 2 months and another i havent seen for more than 2 weeks.
There is nothing like that first hug #purebliss

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